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1. The outlet for this portal is a much larger portal in the Moonwood. It's a two-way portal, so someone could step through Oloster's trellis then be in the Moonwood and once there take the Moonwood portal to any of the other portals it serves or back again through the trellis. - ?

2. An 18th-level wizard is someone with a reputation. News of his disappearance would travel far, especially if he is known as someone who can take care of himself, as Oloster is. This news may prompt an investigation by a wide variety of people, such as merchants, bill collectors, and followers, who might hire adventurers to find him. - ?

- Итак, Элли, перед тобой две дороги - из красного и синего кирпича! Пойдёшь по дороге из красного - вернёшься обратно в Канзас! А пойдёшь по дороге из синего - узнаешь, каков твой мир на самом деле!


1. The portal itself is a stone trellis atop Oloster's flat roof. He keeps a rudimentary garden there, and the trellis looks like a natural addition. - ?

2. Much to his surprise, someone did come through the portal, though the being did not partake of any of the refreshments left on the table nearby. Instead, it took Oloster.
This much at least was determined by Oloster's apprentice, Alia, when she examined the roof the next day. - ?

Кастерские классы - это угнетатели, эксплуатирующие некастерские классы, или передовой класс, ведущий человечество в светлое магопромышленное будущее?

Дык от редакции зависит!)
Смысл классовой борьбы в ДнД - именно коммуни..., тьфу, то есть, более справедливая редакция, при которой доходы от произво..., тьфу, то есть, спотлайт будет равномерно и справедливо распределяться между всеми участниками группы!)

"Теория классовой борьбы в ДнД".

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Ed. / Re: Вопросы [DnD 5]
« : Июнь 09, 2021, 20:33 »
Доброго дня! Разрешите небольшой спор.
Суть - есть ли у дварфов Мультивселенной профессиональные плуты (ассасины, воры и т.д., дуэргары не в счет). Создать можно кого угодно, да.
Но тут имеются в виду именно дварфы, которые чтят Морадина, свой клан, дварфский образ жизни. И есть (если есть) некая организация (орден, клан etc.), которая специально готовит плутов для, например, противостояния какой-либо угрозе, которую нельзя взять и честно победить в открытом бою. Или для проведения тайных операций, которые не одобряет большинство, но они необходимы для выживания кланов.
Существует ли какая-либо информация по данному вопросу?

На Фаэруне редакции 3.5 точно были!

"Golden Hands of Vergadain: This group of dwarves, predominantly rogues, defends the interests of dwarves in Faerûn. Its members eliminate monsters and brigands along dwarven trade routes, ransom kidnapped dwarf merchants, and recover goods from plundered dwarven caravans. Though some might dismiss their raids on nondwarven warehouses as simple thievery, they do it to recover goods stolen from dwarves by force or fraud."

Всем спасибо!

1.  The city of Sundabar, which consists of 14,000 strong souls north of the Nether Mountains, has but one purpose according to Faerûnians: to make magic weapons while not getting overrun by the hordes that assault it every year. Sundabar has two walls, many forges, and a sky that's usually thick with smoke. Rarely is there a time when there's not substantial cover over the sky from clouds, soot, or soot-stained clouds. - ?

2. For this reason Oloster Bluriman constructed a portal for his beloved god, Selûne. The key is quite simple: Whenever the moon shines upon the portal, it's active. Oloster felt the goddess had spoken to him in a dream and the focus of that dream was making a portal that would be open for as long as a moon was in the sky. - ?

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Ed. / Re: Вопросы [DnD 5]
« : Май 10, 2021, 12:35 »
Логично, что только сама стена!)


1.  The portal itself is an outcropping of rock protruding from a small hill. When moonlight from a moon not more than two days older than full shines on the rocks, the outline of a portal glows brightly. The portal is keyed; one need only speak Selûne's name and the portal activates, leading to the Moonwood portal. - ?

2. Since the portal has been unattended for so long, much of it had suffered from the plants, trees, and animals surrounding it, developing cracks, pockmarks, and quite a collection of dirt and plant matter here and there. Yet, it still works as long as any bit of it can be exposed to moonlight as previously described. - ?

- Не будешь есть манную кашу - не накопишь достаточно маны, чтобы стать волшебником!


1.  A smooth, pointed roof is supported by ten white pillars that are solid pieces of marble. The interior is a full-circle dais that was also made from a single piece of marble and is highly polished. - ?

2. The Moonwood Portal is keyed. One must speak the goddess' name (Selûne) to activate it. Once done, the user steps onto the central platform and touches two of the pillars simultaneously of the pillars (two are always in reach of a Medium creature). The ceiling of the structure shows a map to the other portals it connects to, but it is not laid out plainly. - ?

Википереводы / Re: Вопросы по переводам
« : Апрель 28, 2021, 09:13 »

1.  The "lordship" mentioned in the incomplete diary entry was Alecur Higherstride, an alchemist in Silverymoon. The writer of the diary merely referred to his employer with unusual formality, probably encouraged by the way Alecur dressed, which was always in the best clothes he could afford that were perhaps a little high for his station. At first glance, one could assume he was of noble birth -- perhaps from Cormyr. - ?

2. The Bedine, though excellent trackers, may need some help fighting the lamia or assistance with some other task. A brave group of adventurers wouldn't be their first choice since it means stretching whatever treasure they hope to find among more people, but unless they can capture and interrogate the lamia, they feel, the treasure will remain out of reach for everyone. - ?

Википереводы / Re: Вопросы по переводам
« : Апрель 23, 2021, 08:58 »

1.  That was enough for the Bedine to think a great treasure of some sort had been recovered by the lamia of Hlaungadath. They caught and intended to question one of the lamia, but it got away before interrogation could be completed. Thus the pursuit began. But, because the note did not mention the portal before them, they didn't go through it. - ?

2. Naturally, those who have been expecting the precious cargo of "his lordship" became worried that something terrible had happened and sent out scouts of their own. The result was a quick canvass of the area, resulting in news about a widespread lycanthrope attack all over the Silver Marches. This had to be the reason for the disappearing cargo. Although not expert in tracking lycanthropes, they assumed that since wolves lived in forests so would lycanthropes, so forests became the primary sites of interest. - ?

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Ed. / Re: Вопросы [DnD 5]
« : Апрель 21, 2021, 20:50 »
Если 2 персонажа наложат друг на друга Warding Bond, то как будет работать передача урона между ними?

"The spell ends if you drop to 0 hit points or if you and the target become separated by more than 60 feet. It also ends if the spell is cast again on either of the connected creatures."

Если наложить то же заклинание на одно из этих существ, первое заклинание закончится, это прямо в описании сказано!

Википереводы / Re: Вопросы по переводам
« : Апрель 21, 2021, 09:42 »
Всем спасибо!

1.  The lycanthropes used the portal hoping to find something on the other side with which to have fun. They found a camp with only a few Bedine. Thinking them an easy target, the lycanthropes set upon them almost as soon as they saw the campers. Unfortunately, the Bedine were professional hunters who had been tracking a lamia from Hlaungadath and were quite capable of dealing with raiding thugs like the lycanthropes. All lycanthropes were slain except one, who retreated to the Far Forest portal. Of course, the Bedine, being able trackers, followed the wounded lycanthrope's blood trail easily and found the portal. Since the moon was still out, the portal edge glowed brightly. They noted the location of the portal and continued their hunt for the lamia as soon as they could break camp. - что-то не уловил, как продолжение погони связано с разбитием лагеря...

2. The Bedine compared the location of the portal with the fragment of the note that led to their hunting the lamia in the first place. Their note had the following text that was handwritten in Chondathan:
[. . .] Ascore when bandits [. . .] us. The caravan was largely scattered but I kept with his lordship to protect him and what he was carrying. I have to admit that my concerns were primarily with our cargo, not with [ . . . ].  - ?

Википереводы / Re: Вопросы по переводам
« : Апрель 16, 2021, 09:53 »
А вот и снова я!)

1. The Far Forest, on the western edge of Anauroch, is fairly unremarkable as forests go. Whereas the Fallen Lands is ruled by beasts and menaced by a gigantic beholder, the Far Forest remains a simple home of various monsters and creatures such as escapees from the Fallen Lands, beasts that have wandered into the forest from Anauroch, and perhaps the odd foul minion that used to live in Hellgate Keep. - ?

2. The Moonwood Portal is an elaborate, largely intact, small structure that is not unlike a gazebo made from white stone. A smooth, pointed roof is supported by ten white pillars that are solid pieces of marble. The interior is a full-circle dais that was also made from a single piece of marble and is highly polished. - не понимаю, что автор хотел сказать?..

- Наши успехи в математике - исключительно заслуга эльфов! Мы встретили их, и приняли термин "Перворождённые"! Потом мы узнали про расу, предшествующую эльфам. Именно из-за Нулерождённых у нас появилась концепция нуля. А потом мы узнали, что таких рас было много, и именно так открыли для себя мнимые числа...

- Ты, что ль, Одихмантьев сын, разбойник-Соловей?

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Ed. / Re: Вопросы [DnD 5]
« : Март 19, 2021, 12:35 »
Доброго времени суток!
Кто-то встречал разъяснения, как определяется порядок ходов при заготовленных действиях?
Противник (ночная карга верхом на кошмаре), находясь на Эфирном плане, заготавливает действие "Как только кошмар перенесёт меня на Материальный план, использовать заклинание на ближайшего врага". Приключенцы, ожидая врагов, заготавливают действие "Как только враг появится, стреляем в него". Кошмар переходит на Материальный план, и кто действует первым, если триггеры, вызывающие срабатывание заготовленных действий, происходят одновременно? Есть официальные разъяснения по этому вопросу?

- А как иначе? Сам подумай, если наоборот, то получится, что опасности становятся более грозными из-за приключенцев! И если раньше на пути в другую деревню на тебя могли напасть гоблины, то потом - орки? А ещё позже - тролли?
Нет, в нашем мире всё куда логичнее, и приключенцы начинают свою карьеру со сражений с тёмными богами и лордами демонов, и постепенно из-за их действий опасностей становится всё меньше! А завершают свою карьеру очищая подвалы от крыс - а больше врагов и не остаётся!

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Ed. / Re: Вопросы [DnD 5]
« : Март 04, 2021, 19:25 »
Эх, раз никто ничего толкового по Artificer-у сказать не может...

Дурацкий вопрос по аурам паладина - чтобы их радиус увеличился до 30 футов, нужно иметь общий 18 уровень персонажа или 18-й уровень паладина?

Паладдина, разумеется!)
"When you gain a new level in a class, you get its features for that level."

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Ed. / Re: Вопросы [DnD 5]
« : Февраль 27, 2021, 15:57 »
Доброго времени суток!
Для уточнения - способности жреца домена Бури (Тempest) ГНЕВ БУРИ (WRATH OF THE STORM) и УДАР ГРОМА (THUNDERBOLT STRIKE) cкладываются между собой? И проваливший спасбросок, получив урон электричеством, может отлететь на 10 футов?

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Ed. / Re: Вопросы [DnD 5]
« : Февраль 25, 2021, 18:36 »
Я бы понял, если бы в стоимость святой воды входила "стоимость услуг священника", но ведь нет же - склянка святой воды стоит 25 золотых, и для её создания требуется серебряная пыль стоимостью 25 золотых. То есть фактически указанная в главе о снаряжении цена святой воды должна быть убыточной для "производителя".

Помнится, в руководствах по Фаэруну 3-й редакции указывалось, что храмы добрых богов продают святую воду добрым приключенцам по себестоимости. Можно предположить, что цена в "Книге игрока" - это цена для тех, кто пришёл со словами "Падре, мы собираемся Зловещий Склеп Неупокоенной Нежити от зла очистить, поможете как-нибудь?"

Википереводы / Re: Вопросы по переводам
« : Февраль 20, 2021, 10:54 »

1. In a city built on the corpse of a god. countless githyanki and hundreds of red dragons live, serving the whims and will of their leader. PCs must venture there, to the heart of githaynki power, and battle their way to the throne room of Vlaakith the lich-queen. - ?

2. Название главы о том, зачем добавлять в игру вторжение гитьянки - "Wreaking havoc for fun and profit". Как бы это лучше сформулировать? "Выгода", на мой взгляд, в данном контексте не подходит...

Википереводы / Re: Вопросы по переводам
« : Февраль 19, 2021, 11:35 »

1. At the same time, a low racial Challenge Rating and flexible advancement by class make githyanki ideal opponents for characters of all levels. The githyanki are one of the most intriguing villainous races ever created for the Dungeons & Dragons game, and bringing them back from their Astral Plane exile lets them take center stage in your campaign. - ?

2. As mentioned several times in this article, issue #100 of Dungeon and Polyhedron contains more Incursion content For your campaign.
In the Dungeon section of issue #100, high-level PCs car take the war against the githyanki to the Astral Plane. - ?

Википереводы / Re: Вопросы по переводам
« : Февраль 15, 2021, 11:30 »

1. It takes four full-round actions to reload and ready the great ballista after firing due fo the complicated system of cranks and winches that enable creatures to cock the powerful weapon. Each full-round task can be done by a different member of the great ballista's crew, allowing it to be reloaded and ready to fire after 1 full round. A great ballista takes up a space 10 feet across. - ?

2. The lich-queen anticipates that luz will march on Furyondy while it is weak, so she sends guerilla soldiers through another gate into the heart of luz s empire so that they can strike at Dorakaa while luz's armies march toward Furyondy. This action does not constitute a full-scale invasion of luz; it is simply a delaying tactic designed to give the lich-queen time to consolidate her power in Furyondy and Veiuna before dealing with luz.
Once her kingdom is firmly established between the Vesve Forest and the Nyr Dyv, the lich-queen focuses her attention on luz, leaving the smaller kingdoms and principalities of the southwest for later. - ?

Википереводы / Re: Вопросы по переводам
« : Февраль 13, 2021, 11:00 »
Всем cпасибо!

1. Finally, the Incursion campaign as described here assumes that the campaign ends when the PCs travel to the Astral Plane and defeat the lich-queen (as described in “The Lich-Queen’s Beloved" in Dungeon #100) at around 18th level. If you use another kind of monster as the invading force, there is no need to end the invasion at that level; it might stretch well into epic levels, as mentioned above. Still, you should probably envision some kind of climactic encounter that marks the turning point of the campaign, even if it doesn't end the action. You could use an event that closely parallels the defeat of the lich-queen (such as a journey to another plane to confront the evil mastermind), or you could come up with a different way to turn the tide of battle (traveling in secret to Mount Doom to destroy the evil mastermind's ring of power, for example). - ?

2. In this latter scenario, the lich-queen knows that Veluna and Furyondy share good relations and open borders, so she opens the first gate into Veluna and waits for Furyondy’s forces to march to the aid of their allies. - ?

Википереводы / Re: Вопросы по переводам
« : Февраль 12, 2021, 12:33 »

1. Scalability is an extremely important consideration when using other kinds of invaders. The sidebars in this article provide statistics for githyanki opponents ranging from CR 2 to CR 17, as well as sample encounters from EL 5 to EL 20. You could replace these githyanki with drow, githzerai, sahuagin, tieflings, shades (from the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting), or even orcs with little impact on the difficulty of the encounters described. - ?

2. The githyanki spies and assassins will probably have more success making inroads into Veluna, Verbobonc, Dyvers, Highfolk, and Furyondy itself - after all, their rulers are only human. - ?

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Ed. / Re: Вопросы [DnD 5]
« : Февраль 11, 2021, 12:39 »
Хлипковат, имхо, фамильяр для ближнего боя
Ну, вот в моей группе плут/мистический ловкач использует фамильяра-филина (который может отлететь от врага, не провоцируя атаки) чтобы получить коварку по врагам, рядом с которыми нет других союзников!)

Википереводы / Re: Вопросы по переводам
« : Февраль 09, 2021, 10:22 »

1. If the invading force comes from another plane, the ability to use gate would allow a powerful spell caster to send large numbers of troops to a specific point on the Material Plane-even to a spot inside a walled fortification. The githyanki make excellent use of this tactic, but drow invading from the Plane of Shadow could easily do the same. - ?

2. The lich-queen has two clear options. She could open the initial gate in the Empire of luz and subdue that realm first, then turn to crush Furyondy and conquer the rest of the Flanaess. Alternatively, she could start in Veluna or the region of Highfolk, build strength for an assault on Furyondy, then move from there to luz's Empire. - ?

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